One of those magical summer weddings...

Summer wedding at Högberga Gård Summer wedding at Högberga Gård

There are many times that you would like to be able to control and plan the weather as carefully as everything else. Unfortunately this is one of those things that is quite impossible to manage as a wedding planner.
Yesterday's wedding though, at Högberga Gård, turned out as one of those magical days and evenings that you can only wish for and probably only experience during the Swedish summer. 

The 96 guests first got to experience a lovely sunny and warm breezy boat ride for about 45 minutes from Slottstrappan to the island of Lidingö. The ceremony was later held outdoors overlooking the beautiful view of Stockholm water entrance in luminous sunlight. 

During dinner, Lena Larsson, photographer of the day, managed to kidnap the wedding couple for a few minutes for some sunset photos. This turned out to be a brilliant idea since the rainbow just came out at the same time. I am so much looking forward to see the pictures. 

After a fabulous dinner the party continued to late in the evening and to top off the fantastic wedding day the moon of course came out....

Yes, one could almost think that the weather was planned :)

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